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The Knight and His....Duck

Fans of the Knight and the Duck
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Welcome to fakirahiru a community dedicated to all aspects of the Fakira/Ahiru ship (consisting of Arima Ahiru and Fakir) from the anime series Princess Tutu created by Ito Ikuko.

1. Be polite and refrain from flamewars over characters and/or pairings.
2. Use LJ-cuts when your post contains large graphics, spoilers, or adult content, and make sure to indicate this before the cut.
3. Try to stay on topic.
4. If posting fanart or fanfiction that's not yours, clearly indicate whose it is and link to the original source.
5. Please do not bash any other pairings or characters.
6. When posting fanworks, label the content of what you are posting as well as a rating of your work (PG, PG-13, NC-17, etc).
7. Discussions are also allowed, as is anything Fakira/Ahiru related. So don't be afraid to post.
8. Please don't post just to introduce yourself to the community.

You can watch the entire series on youtube here. For more information about the series in general, you can read the Wikipedia article.

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If you would like to create a layout or suggest any changes to this community, please comment here as well.